What is Tmax Kinesiology Tape?

A Japanese chiropractor made the first elastic therapeutic tape and taping method.
This taping method gently lifts the layer of skin and attached tissue covering a muscle so that blood and other body fluids can move more freely in and around that muscle.
Tmax Medical realized the surprise function of kinesiology tape.
So that Tmax Medical made premium Kinesiology tape, “Tmax Tape”, to give more effects of this taping method.

Main features of Tmax Tape?

  • Tmax tape has 160% Elasticity.
  • Elasticity similar to the skin and the muscle
  • Tmax Tape has wave pattern glue form to give skin respiration
  • Excellent skin cohesiveness contact sustaining power
  • Used Acrylic medical glue which is safe on skin and body.
  • Used 96% pure cotton and 4% Spandex for Tape Pad.
  • Water-resistant in pool and shower

Product Specification

  • ROLL SIZE : 5cmW x 5mL (1.96inW x 196inL)
  • BASE : 96% Pure Cotton & 4% Spandex
  • ADHESIVE : Medical Acrylic Glue
  • ELASTICITY : 160%
  • Made in Korea
  • Manufacturer : Tmax Medical

Wave Glue Pattern which gives skin breathability


How Kinesiology Tape Works

When kinesiology tape is applied to the skin over an inflamed area, the tape gently lifts the skin, creating a space between the skin and the tissues below. Due to the increased space between the skin and tissues, the pressure on the pain receptor will be reduced. This helps decrease swelling and pain in the injured areas.It also helps to improve blood and lymph circulation.

without kinesiology tape

with kinesiology tape