Art Works

Tmax Medical Co., Ltd helps you for art works for your provate level prosucts.
Pricide design templates for Box, Paper Tube, Logo Sticker, Backing paper.
You can design your own products using those templates.

Package Options

1.Box with hanger
2.Cut corner box with hanger
3.Box without hanger
4.Plastic container

Products size options

1.5cmW × 5mL roll
2.5cmW × 22mL roll
3.5cmW × 32mL roll
4. precut tapes:I sape / Y shape / Xshape

Color option

3 colors are available
Pink / Red / Lavender / Blue / Green Blavk / Yellow / Beige / Orange

Glue Foamulation

1Tmax Mesical offers 2 Kinds glue formulation

1.Extra Sticky for Athletes : Tapes are Stuck well while sports activities
2.Standard for all : Similar adhesive level with orher brands
3. Wave Glue Pattern
4.Actylic Medical Glue

Fabric Specification

1.Pad : 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex
2.High Quality cotton and Spandex used not to lost elasticity while taping
3.Elasticity : 160%~170%  /  4.Water Repellent
5.Latex Free  / 6.Good Ventilation Function

CE Cerfificate

Kinesiology Tape is medical class 1 product. Need to make CE certificate by brand owner name.
Tmax Medical provides CE cerficate templates like technical file, Risk Management Report, Clinicla report, 
Biological Report, RoHA Test for adhesive.
Your company can make your own CE cerficates base on those files.